Once upon a time there was a village... Once upon a time there was a farmer... Once upon a time there was a bunch of grapes... and perhaps there was a fox too, who knows?

There was, but it still is: a place that innovates by exploring its traditions, which welcomes people by involving them, a place that thrills people by telling its story.

It is with this ambition and awareness that Narratori del Vino (Wine Tellers) were born.   These people have chosen a training path that has qualified them for a new profession which is also a vocation, because through their knowledge Langhe Monferrato Roero will tell about their land and reveal stories about people, companies and products to all their visitors who want to experience and discover the true essence of this area. 

Are you willing to challenge yourself?

Part sommeliers, part tourist guides, part wine historians, and part sensory analysis experts, the Wine Storytellers will be able to thrill you with sensory games, emotional tastings, vineyard walks, and real journeys back in time to discover the customs, traditions, stories and legends of these lands.


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