A tribute to wine and nature: the original "wineglamping" formula

There are many ways to live in contact with nature, to be in the open air and enjoy moments of serene conviviality, but if all this takes place in supreme comfort, in the gardens of splendid manor houses where history and magnificence go hand in hand, and in landscapes so beautiful that they have been awarded Unesco recognition, it is certain that everything will become one of the best memories of your stay in Langhe Monferrato Roero. That' s what we suggest you should experience if you want to follow the Wine Glamping proposals: an initiative developed by professionals from the world of wine, gastronomic excellence and hospitality, which suggests you become a camper-taster for a few hours.



Breathe in nature, socialize and enjoy all the good things in life.

A new, itinerant formula created to satisfy the curiosity and needs of wine tourists who love great wines, but who also like to surround themselves with beauty and conviviality in complete safety.You will see enchanting places, live a sensory experience where you will be guided by sommeliers and chefs to discover tastes and traditions, all in glamorous, comfortable and ecological "parlours". Moments to enjoy with friends or family, in total relaxation in a natural environment that wants to be admired and amidst the best food and wine of these lands.


Take part into Wine Glamping