The temples of territorial identity: the Regional Wine Centres, the Municipal Wine Cellars and the Local Wine Shops.

If you wish to delve into the knowledge of the oenological heritage of these lands, you cannot fail to visit one of the Regional Wine Centres or one of the Botteghe del Vino (Local Wine Shops) or Cantine Comunali (Municipal Wine Cellars) operating on these hills.  You will find them in the castles, historic buildings and deconsecrated churches of Langhe Monferrato Roero, where you will be able to taste excellent wines ans well as alcoholic souvenirs to take home, and enjoy the evocative atmosphere narrating the history of the area. Set up by the municipalities and other public institutions, they are a showcase for excellence in wine-making and are often involved in organizing events and entertainment; some share their "mission" and spaces with ethnographic museums, others with excellent starred restaurants.

Sanctuaries of wine culture and much more...

They are veritable salons where you can discover, under the careful guidance of expert staff, the best of local oenology, and are conceived as cultural meeting places which lie in the heart of the lives of small but hard-working local communities who, proud of the fruits of their labour, tell their stories to the wine enthusiasts who visit the Langhe Monferrato Roero hills every year.


Visit the Regional Wine Centres, the Local Wine Shops and the Municipal Wine Cellars

of Langhe Monferrato Roero