A university unique in the world, with some unusual students.

It is the only university where lectures are held strictly outdoors and where each grade is not a number, but a delicious prize; you can only enter if you are furry, on all fours and have a very sensitive nose: welcome to the university that graduates truffle dogs! We are in Roddi, and it was here in 1880 that a very unusual university was founded, one that qualifies its students as graduate in truffle-hunting sciences known as “trifole”. You don't need a pedigree, on the contrary, those who graduate with full marks are often fancy breed dogs.You don't even need to be physically strong, you just need to be agile, docile, focused, diligent in your studies, have tireless paws and an infallible nose.If all these features and skills are met, the course of study takes just a few weeks and soon the faithful "Tabui" (little dog in local dialect) will be ready to bring to light the precious "diamonds" of Langhe Monferrato Roero.

Truffle: rare and mysterious. It is not easy to find it, you need a good nose!

A game that becomes a profession, a masters’ degree that will make the graduate highly sought-after and well-priced, but there are conditions to be met: tasty kibbles, comfortable kennels and lots of cuddles are essential!