Oscar Wilde used to say: “I can't stand those who don't take food seriously”.


Here we do agree with him, to the extent that someone has made a profession out of knowing how to choose good, genuine products: they are the Personal Food Shoppers of Langhe Monferrato Roero.

Holidays, as we all know, end sooner or later. Everyone returns home with memories, pictures, sensations, aromas and flavours. We cannot bring home braised beef in Barolo or even a fujot of Bagna Cauda, but a few small gastronomic souvenirs could fit in our suitcase. Where can you go to find that organic produce market they told you about? And that shop selling typical cheeses? And what about truffles? Where can I find them? Will I be able to make myself understood in my own language?

How can I choose between so many offers and so much excellence?

These are legitimate questions that today find an answer in the professionalism of highly trained Personal Food Shoppers who know every speciality of these hills and can help you choose the products that you can take home and that will help you, as long as stocks last, to keep alive the memory of your delicious stay in the Langhe Monferrato Roero area.

Discover all the best local food and wine products with the help of a personal food shopper: a real gourmet guide, a trusted adviser on what is good, genuine, tasty and guaranteed.

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