Festival della tv e dei nuovi media

TV And New Media Festival


from 06/02/2023
to 06/04/2023
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It was 1888 and Luigi Einaudi, the future President of the Italian Republic, was only 14 years old when his father passed away prematurely and so he moved from his hometown in Carrù to Dogliani. It was here that, under the guidance of his maternal uncle, he observed the world and studied hard to prepare himself for a successful life. He was a journalist, writer, academic, politician and economist, but above all he was a citizen of Dogliani. He was multi-talented, a man who left his mark on the history of a nation, a man with great communication skills able to use the tools of his generation. And then there was a strong bond with the land where he rests today, as does his son Giulio, one of the greatest national publishers. They are resting, but it is nice to think that they are listening to the voices that enliven these hills, and that perhaps it was them, the great men of culture, who inspired the organizers of the TV and New Media Festival to choose Piazza Umberto I in Dogliani for one of the most innovative events dedicated to communication.

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A festival that has grown over the years and filled a gap in the debate and discussion on programming, ideas, new languages and trends in television and much more. It is a winning formula that attracts to the Langhe the protagonists, stars, authors, publishers and producers, who are active in both traditional and more innovative media: be it TV, web, radio, social media or the big screen, this is discussed in Dogliani focusing on what goes on stage and what will come next. The key ingredients of this event are the quality and informality of the debate - in which the audience plays an active part - and the choice of topics that are always topical and worthy of in-depth study, to be discussed while tasting a good Dolcetto, just as President Einaudi used to do.





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