Festival lieve


from 11/25/2021
to 11/28/2021
Type of Event

The Lieve Festival will take place from the 25th to the 28th of November. Here is the program:

- on Saturday, the 25th of November at 9 pm at Palco 19 an evening to talk about football and sport listening to the testimonies of great athletes with Gianluca Zambrotta.

- on Friday, the 26th of November at 3 pm at Uniastiss Armando Milano will hold a lectio magistralis: dialogue on graphic design and communication: a dialogue in the making. At 6.30 pm at Palco 19 LEGOLIZE, 3 GENES OF SOCIAL AND HUMOR ON THE STAGE. At 9 pm Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi will make an excursus from TV to directing.

- on Saturday, the 27th of November at 11.30 am at Palco 19 Antonio Caprarica will speak about the Windsors. At 3 pm at Palco 19 Vittorio Sgarbi will hold a lectio magistralis on his latest publication. At 5 pm at Palco 19 Dario Vergassola interviews Massimo Morini. At 6.30 pm at Palco 19 there will be Il teatrino with the show Ariente ascendente gemelli. At 9.30 pm at Palco 19 there will be the Leonardo Manera live show.

- on Sunday the 28th of November at 4 pm at Palco 19 there will be Claudio and Consuelo dal mondo dei baloccchi. At 4.30 pm at Palco 19 there will be Luca Beatrice in dialogue with Andrea Cerrato. At 6.30 pm at Palco 19 Tredicipietro tells Musica 2021: Rap-video-social. Finally at 9 pm at Palco 19 there will be the Cristiano Militello live show.





Phone number
+39 366 1566916