Palazzo Salmatoris

The exhibition Palazzo Salmatoris


from 02/19/2022
to 02/19/2023
Type of Event
Art Exhibition

It looks austere from the outside, but once you cross the threshold it is like taking a journey through time and history. Palazzo Salmatoris in Cherasco has much to tell. It tells the story of the plague that wiped out lives and hopes in 1630, because Victor Amadeus I and his wife Christine of France took refuge in this hermitage. It tells about those fearful enemy raids and the need to save the most precious treasures, such as the Holy Shroud, which found protection within these walls in 1706, in the "little room of silence". And then there is the stone staircase, which goes from the ground floor to the piano nobile: a young Napoleon I climbed up these steps and in 1796 put an end to the hostilities between the French Republic and the Kingdom of Sardinia, signing a truce that has gone down in history as the Armistice of Cherasco. Stories of a Piedmont that preserves the memory of its past and renews it by recovering prestigious buildings and transforming them into sites of culture: today Palazzo Salmatoris is a valuable exhibition space where exhibitions and events are held.

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These months, until 19th December, the exhibition "From Kandinsky to Wharol, 20th century art in posters" is definitely not to be missed. The exhibition was inspired by Dorian Cara's work "Manifesti per l'arte. L’arte nel manifesto” (Posters for art. Art in posters). This original retrospective exhibition retraces historical moments and revisits the atmospheres in which new stylistic trends developed through that large sheet of paper that covered the streets and squares of cities and witnessed the evolution of the language of advertising: from surrealism to cubism, from abstractionism to informalism, from Body Art to Pop Art, for a truly democratic channel of arts in progress. An exploration into the world of communication with 75 posters created for some of the most representative art exhibitions of the last century. Documents were selected by a team of experts for a path that arouses curiosity and highlights all the disruptive power and fascination of a means capable of instantly reaching the imagination of its recipients.





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15 Oct '22
19 Feb '23
Art Exhibition

Exhinition - Joan Mirò, Genius loci: l'alfabeto del segno e della materia

From Saturday, the 15th of October to Sunday, the 19th of February 2023 the Joan Mirò exhibition will be open to visitors at Palazzo Salmatoris in Cherasco. Mirò with its original art and its experimental character has given life to significant artistic events of the twentieth century. Through his works, his innovative spirit is told, from painting to ceramics.

The exhibition is visitable from Wednesday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 12 pm and from 2.30 to 6.30 pm and during festivity days from 9.30 am to 7 pm.

The cost is € 12 full, € 6 reduced.