from 09/15/2023
to 09/18/2023
Type of Event
Wine and gastronomy

Music and all its manifestations are born from the combination of just seven notes and this, in retrospect, both fascinates and surprises us: so many different sounds and melodies with so few ingredients. But there is something that goes beyond it and is born from the combination of just three elements, despite its thousands of possible variations. Picture this: just milk, rennet and salt. Yes. That's right, cheese! While it is true that it is the various types of milk and animal breeds that make the difference, behind every cheese there are professionals and their patient hard work: the shepherds who choose the best pastures and who could be compared to composers who carefully select the notes, the cheese-makers who, like arrangers, harmonize every nuance, and the refiners who, just like the record producers, know when the melody is ready to be put on the market. And then there is another key player: the area, of which each Toma cheese is an expression and whose events and characteristics run parallel to the history of the whole community.

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And where else but the home of Slow Food could you pay tribute to this extraordinary product that is so simple and yet so ancient? Therefore, the event is scheduled in Bra, in the characteristic old town, in the shadow of the Zizzola, the city's landmark building: nearly 500 producers for a market where you can find Italian and international excellence, with cheeses of all types, shapes and sizes and for all tastes. A rich programme, enhanced by conferences and debates addressing the future of a great product, but also topics which are important to Slow Food such as sustainability and food education for younger generations. Smile, say Cheese!






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