Bagna Cauda Day

Bagna Cauda Day


from 11/25/2022
to 12/04/2022
Type of Event
Wine and gastronomy

A basic, typically peasant dish, yet it has conquered the tables of princes and royalty. Even Pope Francis, by virtue of his origins in the Asti area, makes no secret of his passion for the Bagna Cauda.

Garlic, plenty of garlic to keep away armies of vampires, and then anchovies, oil and vegetables, all paired with good wine: a hot sauce, Bagna Cauda as it is called in Piedmontese, which has been brightening up Piedmontese tables since time immemorial. Indeed, this traditional dish has the power to transform its preparation and eating into a convivial ritual that unites friends and family around sizzling fujot, the typical candle-fired enamelled earthenware pots. Its origins are very ancient and seem to be closely tied to the collective rites at the end of the grape harvest. The farmers used to celebrate the end of their hard work with a banquet when the first fog and frost arrived: few vegetables were left in the garden (cabbage, cardoons, Jerusalem artichokes), but what a treat it is when they are dipped in a simple but extremely tasty sauce like Bagna Cauda!

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A few years ago, Asti came up with the idea of honouring this ancient dish, now confined to grandmothers' kitchens or reduced to a simple dressing on juicy peppers. A group of friends, friendship makes great things happen, a great desire to party, and here comes the Bagna Cauda Day: a three-day event in which not only Asti, but many villages in Piedmont, Italy and abroad smell of garlic and anchovies. Approximately 200 restaurants, clubs and associations are taking part in the initiative, giving life to the largest collective Bagna Cauda and ensuring memorable and joyful nights. A social-gastronomic event, where people meet year after year and maybe even challenge each other to a daredevil midnight kiss in the square: the Bagna Cauda Kiss, only the brave!




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