Attraverso Festival

Attraverso Festival


from 06/23/2022
to 09/09/2022
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Art, in all its expressions, is a moving force. It evolves, travels through the ages, contaminates them and goes beyond them. Art dismantles boundaries and unites under a single direction, which is emotion.

This is what the story of a festival launched in 2015 suggests, in the aftermath of the UNESCO recognition of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato wine-growing landscapes. A design that effectively united an area that stretches across the provinces of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo and that had to revise the way it perceived itself.

It was with this vision in mind that Attraverso was born, the festival that first understood the need to metaphorically knock down the bell towers in the name of beauty and of human, rural and architectural landscape: a festival that travels along streets and unites places that are sometimes far apart, but which share the same noble landscapes. A new district was born and it was necessary to work hard to combine the souls of these hills. The disruptive force of art had to be brought into play.

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Over 20 municipalities have accepted the challenge. A travelling festival, held in squares, courtyards and gardens: more than 40 top-level events over an area of 180 km for a festival that starts in July and ends in September.

A programme that is being renewed every year and is growing and being enriched with testimonies and content. The festival is not only about theatre, featuring small quality productions, but also about music and exhibitions, conferences and pleasant cultural chats: artistic contaminations and new languages to travel through the summer and cross it to discover villages which look quite enchanted and incredibly suggestive.




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23 Jun '22
09 Sep '22
Mombaruzzo Bra Bergolo Calamandrana Cherasco La Morra Alba Barolo Asti Serralunga d'Alba

Attraverso Festival 2022

From the 23rd of June to the 9th of September it will take place in the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero area. Here is the program:

- on Thursday, the 23rd of June at 10 pm Bandakadabra in Asti;

- on Saturday, the 9th of July at 6 pm Paolo Fresu in Bosio;

- on Tursday, the 14th of Huly at 9 pm Lella Costa in Morbello;

- on Friday, the 15th of July at 6 pm Simone Regazzoni in Serralunga d'Alba;

- on Saturday, the 16th of July at 6.30 pm Antonella Viola in Tortona;

- on Tuesday, the 19th of July at 6.30 pm Franco Cardini in Parodi Ligure;

- on Tursday, the 21st of July at 9 pm Roberto Mercadini and Guido Catalano in Tortona;

- on Friday, the 22nd of July at 8 pm Umberto Galimberti in Rocca Grimalda;

- on Friday, the 22nd of July at 9 pm Enrica Tesio will perform Tutta la stanchezza del mondo in Mombaruzzo;


- on Saturday, the 23rd of July at 9 pm Alice in Gavi;

- on Sunday, the 24th of July at 6.30 pm Mario Tozzi a Gavi;

- on Tuesday, the 26th of July at 9 pm Oscar Farinetti and Piergiorgio Odifreddi in Cassano Spinola;

- on Tuesday, the 26th of July at 9 pm Dargen d'Amico will perform in Bra;

- on Wednesday, the 27th of July at 9 pm Andrea Pennacchi in Cassano Spinola;

- on Thursday, the 28th of July at 9 pm Steve della Casa will talk about Il Cinema, la vita, la poesia di Pier Paolo Pasolini in Bergolo;

- on Friday, the 29th of July at 7.30 pm Emiliano Poddi and Chef Mendo in Calamandrana  La cena del nome della rosa, a tavola con Umberto Eco;


- on Friday, the 29th of July at 9 pm Marco Paolini in Tortona;

- on Saturday, the 30th of July at 7.30 pm Emiliano Poddi and Chef Mendo in San Cristoforo;

- on Saturday, the 30th of July at 9 pm Vladimir Luxuria will be in Calamandrana in dialogue with Paola Farinetti;

- on Sunday, the 31st of July at 9 pm Inspired by the king in Voltaggio;

- on Tuesday, the 2nd of August at 9 pm Marco Paolini will perform in Cherasco in Sani! Teatro fra parentesi;

- on Tuesday, the 2nd of August at 9 pm Fausto Paradivino in Rocca Grimalda

- on Wednesday, the 3rd of August at 9 pm Paolo Fresu and Bebo Ferra will perform in Cherasco in concert and in Calamandrana Roberto Mercadini and Guido Catalano will perform in Cose che non avremmo sperato di potervi dire;

- on Thursday, the 4th of August at 9 pm Il Contatto in Bosio;

- on Friday, the 26th of August at 9 pm in Bra Alice will perform in concert;

- on Tuesday, the 30th of August at 9 pm in Bosio Il cammino del Piemonte sud;

- on Wednesday, the 31st of August at 9 pm Ascanio Celestini will perform in Pasolini Museum in La Morra;

- on Thursday, the 1st of September Alessandro Barbero in Casale Monferrato;

- on Thursday, the 1st of September at 9 pm there will be Gianrico Carofiglio in Senza fiori né discorsi. Vita, scrittura e leggenda di Beppe Fenoglio;


- on Friday, the 2nd of September at 9 pm Antonella Viola in Alba at the Social Theater;

- on Friday, the 2nd of September at 9 pm Gianrico Carofiglio in Nizza Monferrato;

- on Saturday, the 3rd of September at 9 pm Gianrico Carofiglio in Casale Monferrato;

- on  Sunday, the 4th of September at 9 pm in Barolo Neri Marcorè will perform in Sulle mie corde;


- on Tuesday, the 6th of September at 9 pm Federico Buffa in Ovada;

- on Thursday, the 8th of September at 5.30 pm Quale energia a Tortona and at 9 pm Stefano Mancuso e Eugenio Cesaro;

- on Friday, the 9th of September at 9 pm Alessandro Barbero will hold a Lectio Magistralis in Bra.